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**Please note our PI-4005 has been discontinued. We are no longer accepting new orders. The new PI-3105  has superior capabilities at lower cost and smaller footprint.        

All information contained herein is for informational purposes only.**

PI-4005 Data Acquisition System Features

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Card Features

  • Analog input voltage range on the Data Acquisition PC Card is sym_plus_min.gif (826 bytes) 10 volts (sym_plus_min.gif (826 bytes) 5V offset adjustable and sym_plus_min.gif (826 bytes) 5V signal).
  • A buffered analog output is available at a BNC connector for viewing the analog signal with an oscilloscope prior to A/D conversion.
  • Correlated Double Sampling is programmable to allow selectable sampling points to within 1% accuracy of the period.
  • Output of the A/D Converter is stored in 32 bit structure for increased system speed.
  • There is a D/A Converter with buffered BNC output for viewing the output data from the A/D Converter.
  • Data Acquisition Card inputs include Frame Sync, Line Sync, and Pixel Clock Input. The system allows the Frame Sync, Line Sync, and Pixel Clock Input to be used on each Data Acquisition Card independently, or to be routed through the VME backplane via the Clock Fanout Card.

Data Acquisition Cards

  • #400550 - 2 MHz 16 Bit
  • #400540 - 8 MHz 14 Bit
  • #400530 - 10 MHz 12 Bit
  • #400510D - Digital Acquisition Card/16 bit serial or parallel
  • #400520 - 40 MHz 10 Bit

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