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**Please note our PI-4005 has been discontinued. We are no longer accepting new orders. The new PI-3105  has superior capabilities at lower cost and smaller footprint.        

All information contained herein is for informational purposes only.**

PI-4005 Data Acquisition System Ordering Information

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PI-4005 - Acquisition Mainframe Consists of the mainframe. Internal DC power supplies for the digital electronics on the output side of the opto isolators and a High Speed VME Backplane. The mainframe contains 12 VME slots, allowing installation of up to eight Data Acquisition Cards. Rackmount is standard. For benchtop systems, specify at time of order.
PI-4008 - Analog Power Mainframe Supplies the DC power for the analog and "clean digital" sections of the Acquisition mainframe and PI-4007 Preamplifier Module to limit system noise.
PI-4007 - Preamplifier Module Four channel programmable preamplifier designed to be placed near the dewar or device under test for signal conditioning. The Preamplifier can be used as four separate input channels, or can be mux'ed to allow the four channels to share one Data Acquisition PC Card. Requires one 40511 Preamplifier Controller PC Card per two PI-4007 Preamplifier Modules. Also requires one 40096 cable.
40511 - Preamplifier Controller Card One PC Card will support two PI-4007 Preamplifier Modules (eight channels) used in the system. This card controls all of the programmable functions of the PI-4007 Preamplifier Module and is located in the PI-4005 Acquisition Mainframe.
40502 - PCI Bus to PC to VME Adapter Card Adapts the VME backplane directly to the PC; includes two cards; one for the VME backplane in the PI-4005 Acquisition mainframe, and one that is installed in the PC. Requires one 40097 cable.
40097 - Cable, VME to PCI Shielded, 25 ft. in length
40096 - Cable, Preamplifier to controller Controlling cable from PI-4007 Preamplifier Module to 40511 Preamplifier Controller. One cable required for each preamplifier module.

System Configuration

Here is the configuration for a minimum system with four channels of preamplifier mux'ed to one data acquisition channel.

  • (1) PI-4005 Acquisition Mainframe
  • (1) PI-4008 Analog Power Mainframe
  • (1) Data Acquisition PC Card (any of 400520 through 400550)
  • (1) PI-4007 Preamplifier Module
  • (1) 40511 Preamplifier Controller
  • (1) 40502 PC to VME Adapter PC Card
  • (1) 40097 Cable, VME to PCI
  • (1) 40096 Cable, Preamplifier to Controller
  • (1) Computer Controller

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