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**Please note our PI-4005 has been discontinued. We are no longer accepting new orders. The new PI-3105  has superior capabilities at lower cost and smaller footprint.        

All information contained herein is for informational purposes only.**

PI-4005 Data Acquisition System

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  • Gain and Offset Correction

  • 16 Megabytes of RAM

  • Area of Interest

  • Low Noise

  • VME Backplane


The Pulse Instruments PI-4005 Data Acquisition System is designed specifically for the low noise acquisition of data from imaging devices like CMOS Imagers, CCDs,  and IR Focal Plane Arrays.

The system consists of a set of low noise mainframes, the host computer, and software to setup and control acquisition of data from the device under test (DUT).

Preamplifier modules are available for applications that require close proximity of a preamplifier to the device under test.

A host of programmable features make the system ideal for Research and Development, Characterization and Product Test.

The system is designed to operate as part of an integrated Test System, or to function as a stand alone data acquisition system.

Taking advantage of the VME bus, the PI-4005 Acquisition System can acquire analog data at rates up to 40 MHz with 10 bit resolution or with up to 16 bit resolution at 2 MHz. Digital acquisition cards are also available.

The system is designed to control and synchronize multiple acquisition cards. A single mainframe can house up to eight acquisition cards and multiple mainframe configurations are available.

Separate power supplies and Separate ground systems are used for the Analog and Digital circuitry, with only the required ground connection underneath the A/D converter as the common point. This common point on the digital side of the card is supported by a separate 5V power supply. This is part of the PI-4008 analog power mainframe, and separates the A/D converter from the power supplies that are on the bus.

Each Data Acquisition Card is complete with two stages of Amplification, Filtering, Correlated Double Sampling, A/D Converter, and 16 Megabytes of RAM per channel.

An Area of Interest (AOI) feature is included for sub-image acquisition. This feature allows processing and display of a window of the focal plane of any size up to 2048 x 2048 pixels. Area of Interest acquisition provides efficient use of memory. Operations can be computed on selected pixel areas without having to acquire the entire image to save on board memory.

Please download and read the PI-4005 Characterization application note for important information on setting up your acquisition timing.

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