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PI-2000 Data Generator

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pi-2000.gif (16904 bytes)  Features:

  • 150 MHz Clock Rate
  • Mutli-Level Looping provides virtually unlimited pattern memory depth
  • 8 to 40 channels
  • TTL and ECL output capability 

Pulse Instruments PI-2000 Data/Pattern Generator can be used to generate a wide range of simple to complex digital patterns for any test application that requires a serial or parallel digital data stream.

With almost infinite looping capability and 32k bits per channel of pattern memory, the PI-2000 can create digital data patterns at speeds and complexities that will fulfill the most demanding requirements.

The data generator provides clock rates from 12 kHz to 150 MHz, with both TTL and ECL output capability that is selectable in software. The unit can be configured from 8 to 40 channels in 8 channel increments. Channel to channel skew is less than 600 picoseconds. Each channel of the PI-2000 can be individually programmed to be either RZ or NRZ format.

The 150 MHz, phase locked loop, clock gives you the capability of high resolution timing and picosecond edge control, to learn more about your device under test than ever before.

The unit is programmed by dividing up the pattern memory into subpatterns, which can be sequenced and/or repeated to create very long timing patterns A subpattern can be 12 to 32k bits long and up to 2,730 Subpatterns are defined.

The PI-2000 is programmed, as a standalone instrument, using Pulse Instruments PI-PAT software operating in a Windows environment. This provides a user-friendly interface for programming, editing and controlling the Data/Pattern Generator. The PI-2000 can also be used as a remote instrument controlled over the IEEE-488 bus by PI-PAT or other existing software. In this mode, the PI-2000 can emulate a PI-5800A Data Generator providing an easy upgrade to existing test systems presently using the PI-5800A.

The PI-2000 is shipped with our PI-PAT Software. You can find our more about PI-PAT and our other software on the Software Page.

Click the link below to download the latest version of PI-PAT.

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Software Description

PI-5800/PI-2000 Software Compatibilities

PI-5800/PI-2000 Comparison

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