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Pulse Research Lab

Stellar Performance!

Hubble Space Telescope CCDs 

are tested with 

Pulse Instruments equipment

Pulse Instruments is a leading manufacturer of systems and equipment for characterization and production test of CMOS, CCD and IR image sensors, including science-grade devices. Science teams have used Pulse Instruments systems to extract maximum performance from several HST CCDs, including the chip in the most recently installed Advanced Camera System that is providing 10x the performance of its predecessor. 

In addition to our astronomy-related applications, Pulse Instruments equipment and systems are also used to test visible and infrared  imaging devices for defense applications, earth-resource management, weather satellites, biomedical imaging, commercial and industrial automation, machine vision, security, video, photography, and consumer applications.

Public domain image Cone Nebula (NGC 2264), courtesy of NASA and the ACS Science Team, used in accordance with their use policy.

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