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PI-PAT is the graphical waveform editor and instrument control application for the PI-2005 Pattern Generator. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful waveform editing features, PI-PAT allows users to exercise the full capabilities of the PI-2005.

PI-PAT Main Window

Much more than just a visualization tool, PI-PAT is a full-fledged graphical waveform editor that allows you to spend more time testing and less time programming. PI-PAT doesn't require any programming experience or complicated syntax. Just draw or type patterns directly into the pattern window. Move a clock edge by dragging it. Adjust integration times by entering a single number. Change the output to your DUT by clicking the Update button. You'll never have to wrangle DSP or FPGA code with PI-PAT.

PI-PAT's re-usable subpattern/repeat architecture also allows you to create a single timing file for an entire family of related devices. These files can be shared with your colleagues or with other Pulse Instruments customers. In many cases, the device manufacturer may already have a Pulse Instruments timing file for the device you are using.

Edit waveforms and subpatterns, assign mnemonic channel names, assign channel formats (RZ/NRZ, INV/Non-Invert, Hi-Z), and enter program instructions via GUI-based tools or dialog box interfaces as you prefer.

New Features

Visualize and edit parallel outputs as Arbitrary Waveforms . . .

or as Hex, Decimal or Binary data:

and Tri-state channels "on-the-fly" for the duration of a single instruction line for maximum program flexibility:

Other Benefits

PI-PAT can import and export PI-5800, PI-2000 and ASCII files while retaining all pattern data, subpattern definitions, channel formats, program instructions and hardware settings. See our Sample Pattern Files for demo files and troubleshooting aids.

Import Stimulus from VHDL and Verilog Simulators

PI-PAT can import stimulus files created by SynaptiCAD's WaveFormer Pro and TestBencher Pro software. These products reduce the labor of programming the pattern generator by reusing stimulus created during simulation. Both ship with a built-in timing diagram editor that can draw waveforms from scratch or modify imported waveforms. TestBencher supports repeat loop markers that will cause a section of the waveform data to be repeated by the Pattern Generator. Stimulus vectors used in design and simulation can now be used in production test with the PI-2005. See SynaptiCAD's website for information on using WaveFormer and TestBencher with the PI-2005. 

Availability and Pricing

PI-PAT is included with all Pulse Instruments PI-2005 Pattern Generators, PI-21100 Clock Generator cards, and PI-2110x Pattern Cards. You can download a demo version for free. Please note that the demo version will not control hardware.

PI-PAT runs under Windows XP. It can run on the embedded processor of a PI-2000 or PI-2005, or it can control a PI-2005, PI-2000 or PI-5800 from a remote computer over the IEEE-488 bus. PI-PAT can also run offline, allowing you to edit patterns and instructions at your convenience.

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