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PI-DATS is Pulse Instruments Data Acquisition and Test Software, our user-friendly system software that allows complete control over Pulse Instruments test systems and test equipment. PI-DATS can dramatically increase your testing productivity by decreasing the amount of time it takes to set up and change test plans.

Benefits of using PI-DATS:

PI-DATS is WindowsNT® based, so the graphical interface is familiar to any user. There is no programming experience required to create test plans. The system is icon-based, with a mnemonic table, so users don't need to remember which channel number is assigned to the phase I vertical clock and which to the data acquisition strobe. 

All functions are point-and-click, so even looping operations, conditional branching, formulae functions, true/false logic, and variable assignments can be made without learning a programming language or worrying about correct syntax.

Pulse Instruments hardware can be automatically detected and configured, so equipment changes don't result in additional system downtime. Third-party hardware can be integrated into a test plan via a generic GPIB instrument mnemonic, and additional instrument mnemonics can be developed on a custom basis.

Test plan settings are stored in a single file, so switching among device families is as simple as changing the device-under-test and loading a new PI-DATS file. PI-DATS also has tight integration with PI-PAT, our pattern generator software for producing device timing.

PI-DATS uses a password security system that protects device test plans from unauthorized modification. PI-DATS allows the test engineer to define test conditions prior to test execution using a Test Plan Edit Screen. The operator can enter or modify information in a Test Plan pertinent to the device being tested.

Available Control Modules and Supported Hardware:

  • Pattern Generator--Supports PI-2005 Pattern Generators. Timing files must be produced separately in PI-PAT (included with all PI-2005 Pattern Generators)
  • Clock Driver--Supports Clock drivers from our CompactPCI and 4000 Series
  • DC Bias--Supports DC Bias Supplies from our CompactPCI and 4000 Series
  • Voltage/Current Sense--Controls the range settings and multiplexing of sense circuitry from our CompactPCI and 4000 Series to a single DVM 
  • Mainframe--Controls global on-line, off-line, and disconnect status of our CompactPCI and 4000 Series mainframes
  • Data Acquisition Setup and Measure--Controls gain, filter, and timing for PI-3105 data acquisition system. Also sets up digital acquisition parameters such as frame-size, frame-count, area-of-interest (AOI), and image re-assembly.
  • Results--Defines image processing algorithms and display
  • DVM--Supports several popular Keithley, Fluke and HP DVM models
  • Oscilloscope--Supports several popular Tektronix oscilloscope models
  • Function Generator-Supports several HP function generator models
  • GPIB--Generic GPIB module for programming other GPIB-compatible instruments
  • Property Page Builder - Allows you to build your own virtual instruments or control any GPIB instrument

PI-DATS includes data reduction and analysis tools, plus hooks for exporting data to MATLAB scripts, Microsoft Excel macros, or to other third-party database and data analysis packages.

The bottom line is that you can create your test plan and start testing parts in a very short amount of time. 

Availability and Pricing

A demo version of PI-DATS is freely available from Pulse Instruments. The demo version will not control hardware, but it will allow you to test-drive the software. Please contact our Sales department for pricing information based on your system configuration.

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