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Product Description:

Imaging devices, such as CCDs, IR FPAs, and CMOS image sensors, require DC bias with very low electrical noise to prevent contamination of the image. Image quality can also be enhanced by carefully tuning each bias voltage to extract the maximum signal/noise ratio out of an array. Pulse Instruments has decades of experience providing DC bias supplies with the flexibility required to characterize and test a variety of devices while maintaining the noise immunity required for satellite and astronomy applications.

Pulse Instruments biases can be "tweaked" in real-time to determine optimal operating parameters for a particular device, or else programmed in accordance with a test plan for automated production test.

Our bias supplies have programmable resolution as fine as 0.25 mV, plus voltage- and current-sensing capability, and all have programmable voltage limits to protect your device. Selected models also have programmable current limits, or can operate as a force-current supply.

Instruments can be controlled locally, from a front-panel or keyboard and mouse, or over IEEE-488 via PI-Controller software. Our well-documented IEEE-488 command set also allows users to develop custom software or to integrate our instruments into existing test systems

Our bias supplies are offered in two form factors--CompactPCI and 4000 Series. Both types of equipment can be integrated into a complete test system via the PI-Bus Interface Card in CompactPCI.

Product Selection Guide:

Please use the following table to help select the appropriate bias supply for your application. The performance data shown below is summary-level only. Please see each linked web page for detailed specifications.


Open-architecture platform for maximum expandability at an affordable price. Designed for biasing FPAs, CMOS imagers, and low-voltage CCDs.

Model Channels/
Max Current/
Output Noise (nV/√Hz)
1 Hz 10 Hz 100 Hz 1 kHz 10 kHz
41702 4 ±8 V ±100 mA N/A 250 200 150 150 75
41703 4 ±8 V ±150 mA N/A          

4000 Series

Proprietary design to accommodate the higher-voltages required to drive certain FPA materials as well as the newest back-illuminated and high-resistivity CCDs.

Model Channels/
Max Current/
Output Noise (nV/√Hz)
1 Hz 10 Hz 100 Hz 1 kHz 10 kHz
4 ±20 V ±100 mA(2) N/A 350 100 75 50 40
4 ±20 V ±100 mA(2) Programmable TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
2 ±20 V ±250 mA N/A 400 100 75 50 40
40750 4 ±20 V ±25 mA N/A 350 100 75 50 50
40751 4 ±25 V ±100 mA N/A 350 100 75 50 50
40752 4 ±20 V ±100 mA N/A 400 100 75 50 50
40753 4 ±25 V ±250 mA N/A 350 100 75 50 50
40755 2 ±20 V ±250 mA N/A 450 150 75 50 50
40757 4 -20/+36 V ±25 mA N/A 600 150 150 100 100
40758 4 -20/+36 V ±100 mA N/A 800 150 150 100 100


(1) Preliminary specifications for 4275x cards.

(2) 300 mA/card maximum


Pulse Instruments has a long history of developing DC bias supplies for demanding CCD, FPA and CMOS imager test applications. Our original DC bias supplies were offered as plug-in modules for the Tektronix TM-506 Mainframes, and many of these 20-year old units are still in service today. Subsequent generations of products were designed and refined to respond to the needs of customers at the leading edge of the imaging industry.

Today, Pulse Instruments bias supplies are used for characterization and production test of visible and infrared imaging devices used in missile-guidance systems, weapon sights, astronomy satellites, surveillance equipment, machine vision, automated inspection, medical imaging, and night vision applications from many major manufacturers of image sensors.

Pulse Instruments' current line of bias supplies products is built on modern, expandable foundations that can grow and evolve with your testing needs. Along with our Clock Drivers, Pattern Generator, and Acquisition products, you can build a complete, flexible test system to test almost any imaging device from yesterday, today, or tomorrow.

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