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PI-4000 Series Clock Driver and Low-Noise DC Bias System

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  • Low Noise
  • Programmable Clock Drivers
  • Precision Bias Adjustment
  • Device Protection Features
  • Fully Programmable
  • Easy to Use

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The 4000 Series Clock Driver and Low Noise DC Bias System was designed specifically for the stringent requirements necessary for the testing of Charge Coupled Devices (CCD's), IR Detectors, and Focal Plane Arrays (FPAs).It provides high accuracy, low noise clock drivers and DC biases with the capability to drive almost every CCD and IR Detector Array manufactured to date. All clock drivers and Bias supplies are independently programmable.

Ease of configuration and expansion protects your investment in the instrument, which is backed up by Pulse Instruments' commitment to keep the system current in capabilities as new devices are introduced, thereby protecting your investment in the future.

The system uses separate mainframes to isolate the digital electronics used to program and control the instrument from the DC Bias and clock driver cards. This isolation is accomplished both optically and through the use of separate power sources, providing a very high level of noise immunity for the clock drivers and DC biases.

The separate mainframe structure allows the clock drivers and DC bias supplies located in the PI-4002 Instrument Mainframe to be located in close proximity to the Device Under Test (DUT), if desired, while the digital electronics located in the Control Mainframe can be placed in a more remote area.

There is also protection against transients that could damage your DUT. When the power is turned on or off, the output voltage levels on all drivers and bias supplies are held within the range of ±3 volts.

The system requires one Control Mainframe, at least one PI-4002 Instrument Mainframe, and a PI-4003 DC Power Mainframe.



The system is easily expandable to provide testing capabilities for both CCD's and IR Detectors through the addition of different models of clock driver and DC bias cards.

Control Mainframe

For all new installations, the 4000 Series is controlled by the PI-31001 PI-Bus Interface Card in a CompactPCI mainframe. For legacy installations, the system is controlled by the PI-4001 Control Mainframe. Both types of control mainframes are connected by an optically isolated bi-directional bus to the PI-4002 Instrument Mainframes.

The Control Mainframe contains its own source of power to allow isolation of the PI-4002 Instrument Mainframes from digital noise. The PI-31001 or PI-4001 can control up to seven PI-4002 Instrument Mainframes.

PI-4002 Instrument Mainframe

The PI-4002 Instrument Mainframe will accept up to eight plug-in clock driver or DC bias cards, depending on card model. This allows up to 16 channels of clock drivers, or up to 32 channels of bias supply in a single mainframe. The driver cards and DC bias cards can also be mixed in the instrument mainframe in many combinations or separated in different mainframes for additional noise immunity.

PI-4003 DC Power Mainframe

The PI-4003 DC Power Mainframe supplies the linear low noise power to the clock drivers and DC biases located in the PI-4002 Instrument Mainframes. The PI-4003 DC Power Mainframe and PI-4002 Instrument Mainframes are floating with respect to the Control Mainframe


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