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System 1828 CMOS/CCD Production Test System

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The System 1828 Production Test System is designed to simplify your testing applications.

  • High Throughput at low cost
  • Simple reconfiguration for new DUT
  • Graphical environment for rapid test plan generation
  • Windows XP system software
  • Easily expandable for new requirements


The basic system consists of a 225 MHz pattern generator, 10 clock drivers, 6 DC biases, 1-4 channels of 10 MHz 14 bit analog data acquisition and/or 1-4 channels of digital acquisition. Additional options can be added to customize the system to meet your requirements. The system software controls all of the internal instrumentation and interfaces directly with external controllers and device handlers providing an easy environment to create test programs and control test procedures. Each analog data acquisition channel is complete with Global Offset Correction, Gain, Filtering, A/D Converter and optional Correlated Double Sampling (CDS). 

The digital acquisition card can be configured to handle one or two digital data streams up to 32 bits wide. The system can be expanded with additional acquisition cards, clock drivers and bias supplies. Reconfiguring the System 1828 for the next device to be tested requires a minimal amount of time. Typically the reconfiguration consists of changing the DUT interface card and selecting the appropriate test plan.

The system software, PI-DATS, was written for users of all Pulse Instruments Test Systems. This software implements a programming structure that uses visual objects to replace programming language. This graphical software environment provides a simple method to rapidly generate device test plans. PI-DATS uses a password security system that protects device test plans from unauthorized modification. PI-DATS allows the test engineer to define test conditions prior to test execution using a Test Plan Edit Screen. The operator can enter or modify information in a Test Plan pertinent to the device being tested. 

An entire test sequence can be stored in a single file including interfacing with a parts handler. PI-DATS software has been in daily use for the test of CMOS, CCD and IR Imagers for over four years. During this period there has been a full time effort to expand the functionality, and to enhance the capabilities based upon user feedback and changing industry requirements. The software runs under Windows XP for a high level of compatibility with third party hardware, systems, and software.

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