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PI-4880 Floodbeam Optical Test Head

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  • Controlled Optical Environment
  • Meets NIST Calibration Standards
  • Transportable, Turnkey System
  • System 4700 Compatible or Stand Alone Operation


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Pulse Instruments has suspended shipments of our Floodbeam product. The information provided below is for support of our existing customers only, and we are not taking any new orders for Floodbeam Test Heads at this time.


The PI-4880 Floodbeam Optical Test Head is a transportable, turnkey subsystem that provides a controlled optical flux and temperature environment test head for the testing of IR Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays. Modular design and  host of options allow a maximum of configuration flexibility at a minimum cost. Ergonomic design and user friendly software maximizes test throughput and minimizes set-up time.

The subsystem consists of a console including power distribution, a radiation flux source assembly, an optical box assembly and optional accessories such as a dewar assembly, dewar temperature monitor and controller. The system also includes control software and can be controlled by our PI-DATS software.

The test head is mounted in a standard minirack console assembly. Wheels allow for portability, and jack screws are included to support the system while in operation. The rack requires single 30 Amp, 115 VAC service. The power distribution concept is designed for maximum personnel and equipment safety. This includes ground fault interruption, emergency power off protection and AC power interlocks. Two grounds are made available within the test head; an analog ground associated with the optical and dewar portion of the test head and digital ground attached to the control and CPU components.

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