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PI-21000 Clock Card

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  • 400 MHz Clock Rate
  • Low Period Jitter
  • High Period Resolution
  • Multiple Clock Outputs
  • I˛C Serial Bus
  • Includes PI-PAT software


  • Test System Master Clock
  • Precision Clock Source
  • Clock Distribution


The Pulse Instruments PI-21000 Clock Card is designed for use as the master clock for testing, telecom and industrial applications requiring an accurate, high frequency, high resolution clock in an off-the-shelf architecture.

The primary use for this clock card is as the master clock for the Pulse Instruments collection of CPCI Pattern Generator Cards. However, this card is equally capable when used as a single card in other applications, such as providing the master clock signal to the ‘device under test’ (DUT), required in many testing applications. With four synchronous output channels, it can be used to provide timing signals for other instruments or instrument cards. The clock output connector also has a third signal line that provides either a high or low level output determined by the Start and Stop trigger signals.

In addition to the four output channel connectors the PI-21000 Clock Card has inputs for external drive, start and stop signals plus a TTL Master Clock out signal and I2C Serial Bus signals for data and clock. These signals are conveniently located in the External Signals connector.

The External Drive input provides the capability to synchronize timing signals with an external source. The start and stop signals can be used with external circuitry to interrupt or start clocking operations under defined conditions.

Ordering Information:

Contact Pulse Instruments Sales at (310) 515-5330 or by email at sales@pulseinstruments.com

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