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STW Series Vacuum Pumping Stations

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  • Self-contained, turnkey system
  • Turbomolecular pump
  • 110VAC or 220VAC air cooled
  • Portable
  • Clean room compatible
  • Single button operation
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Pulse Instruments has suspended shipments of our vacuum pumping stations. The information provided below is for support of our existing customers only, and we are not taking any new orders for vacuum pumping stations at this time.

Product Description:

Pulse Instruments' STW Series Vacuum Pumping Stations are self-contained, turnkey, clean room compatible, high vacuum pumping systems.

A mechanical two-stage, direct-drive, rotary vane backing pump allows you to rough the systems directly through the turbomolecular pumping system. A rechargeable assimilation foreline trap and mechanical valves within the mechanical pump protect the high vacuum components from backstreaming.

Optional sizes of turbomolecular pumps provide a high compression ratio and high pumping speed for hydrogen, so high vacuum is easily obtained.

Operation is fully automatic, from atmospheric pressure to high vacuum. And, if an unexpected rise in pressure occurs, the pump rotating speed is automatically reduced. Precision balanced, the turbo pump operates at extremely low vibration and noise levels. The pump is air cooled and can be run in an ambient temperature of up to 35 deg. C.

A stainless steel manifold has four available 1.5-in. conflat ports for access. Each port can contain a 1.5-in. bellows sealed manifold valve, 6-in. long, flexible bellows with a 0.50-in. diameter quick-connect type manifold.

The manifold is designed to support an optional cold trapping system, while the manifold view port allows observation of ion gauge operation and insight into the vacuum manifold.

The vacuum gauge controller measures pressures from atmosphere to less than 1 x 10 -9 Torr by use of a single ionization gauge and two Convectron gauges.

Pressure readout via digital front panel display and resistance heating degas is standard. An interlock only allows degas when the gauge tube has been on and displayed pressure is below 5 x l0-5 Torr.

Pulse Instruments can design custom vacuum pumping stations that meet specific customer requirements.

Possibilities include:

  • Varying cabinet and working surface sizes and configurations
  • Different pumping types, such as compound molecular, helicalgrooved, and magnetic-suspended turbomolecular pumps
  • Vacuum-controlled smart pumping stations
  • Custom manifold configurations
  • Light weight, man-portable pumping stations
  • Oil-less pumping stations

Please contact Pulse Instruments to discuss your specific requirements.

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