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PI-6500 Pattern Generator

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**Please note our 6500 is being discontinued. We are no longer accepting new orders.
All information contained herein is for informational purposes only.**


Pi-6500.gif (33915 bytes)Features:

  • 25 MHz Clock Rates
  • 16 to 112 Channels
  • 256 Trigger/Flag Combinations
  • Multiple Clocks
  • Easy to Program
  • Completely Interactive
  • Serial and Parallel Modes
  • Resident Programs for Easy Use

Configurable for almost any application
With clock rates to 25 MHz in all modes, the PI-6500 Pattern Generator is a low cost solution to Logic Analyzer compatibility, and an interactive digital signal source that can generate extremely long and complex patterns.

The instrument can be configured in parallel mode with 16 to 64 channels, each with a memory depth of 4k bits per channel in the Model PI-6500, and up to 112 Channels with 4k bits per channel in the Model 6501.

Up to 4096 subpatterns, which are basic pattern blocks, can be created within the 4096 bits. Since the data can be shared between the different subpatterns, the pattern memory is almost virtual.

In serial mode each 16 channel PC Card becomes a separate serial channel that is 64k bits in length. the 64k bits of serial data can also be divided into as many as 4096 subpatterns to create serial patterns of lengths far beyond any other pattern generator.

Easy to program
The 7" CRT and softkeys provide full instrument control with a minimum of keystrokes, making the PI-6500 easy to program. two menus, which cover Pattern and Instruction entry, are used for most of the programming. There are a total of 12 menus available, which provide a full complement of set up options and possibilities to perform almost any interactive trigger/flag/clock/pattern requirement imaginable. A waveform display provides you with full information on your pattern format, while Tri-State capability assures a full range of test applications.

Up to 4096 subpattern loops per instruction line, and a total of 4096 instruction lines are available. The instruction set allows you to generate timing simulation sequences with 40 nanosecond resolution.

The PI-6500 contains two sets of Random Access Memory which work in parallel to provide you with pattern generation, while at the same time allowing you to perform other functions through the keyboard and CRT, without disturbing the pattern output.

You can change the pattern output, during the run mode by simply making the pattern changes on the Pattern Entry and Editing Menu, and then pressing the Update softkey. The output pattern then contains the new data without stopping the unit to re-program.


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