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PI-5800A Data Generator

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**Please note our 5800A has been discontinued. We are no longer accepting new orders.            All information contained herein is for informational purposes only.**


Output Characteristics*:
  • Pulse Duration: 20nsec minimum NRZ
    10 ns minimum RZ
  • Fan Out: 4 TTL loads minimum for duration sym_lt_ln.gif (833 bytes) 20 ns
  • Skew: 3ns maximum between any 2 channels on the same 16 channel card
  • Rise and Fall Time: sym_gt_ln.gif (829 bytes) 6ns into 1Msym_ohm.gif (869 bytes)|| 15pf and sym_gt_ln.gif (829 bytes) 4.0ns into 50sym_ohm.gif (869 bytes)
  • High Level: 4.5V/5.5V into 1Msym_ohm.gif (869 bytes)|| 15pf and > 2.2V into 50sym_ohm.gif (869 bytes)
  • Low Level: < 0.6V into 1Msym_ohm.gif (869 bytes)|| 15 pf and < 0.3V into 50sym_ohm.gif (869 bytes)
  • High Impedance:
    Disable Time:sym_upcs_2.gif (852 bytes) t phz sym_gt_ln.gif (829 bytes) 18ns, t plz sym_gt_ln.gif (829 bytes) 18ns
    Enable Time: sym_upcs_2.gif (852 bytes) t pzh sym_gt_ln.gif (829 bytes) 25ns, t pzl sym_gt_ln.gif (829 bytes) 25ns
    Set-up Time: sym_lt_ln.gif (833 bytes) 20ns

Input Characteristics:

  • External Clock A: TTL compatible, 2.4V, 10ns pulse width minimum required
  • External Clock B: TTL compatible, to be driven by cascading clock output only
  • External Halt: TTL compatible, 2.4V, 20ns pulse width minimum required. Positive going or negative going slope selectable by rear panel mounted switch

Trigger Output Characteristics:

Trigger: TTL compatible. Fan Out = 2 TTL load


  • Internal Clock Frequency: 1kHz to 50 MHz in 20ns increments
  • Instruction Memory Depth: 256 per program, up to 1000 lines
  • Display: 7" CRT, 80 characters per line
  • Memory: 4096 bits per channel
  • Compatibility: IEEE-488 GPIB, RS-232-C
  • Power: 110 VAC sym_plus_min.gif (826 bytes) 10%, 8 amps max. 47/63 Hz and 220 VAC sym_plus_min.gif (826 bytes) 10%, 4 amps max. 47/63 Hz
  • Dimensions: 10.5" H x 17.5" W x 23.75" D
  • Weight: 49-55 lbs. net
  • Operating Temperature: 0 C to 50 C
  • Warranty: One year parts and labor from date of shipment


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