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PI-5800A Data Generator

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**Please note our PI-5800A has been discontinued. We are no longer accepting new orders. The new PI-2005  has superior capabilities at lower cost and smaller footprint.        

All information contained herein is for informational purposes only.**


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All Menu-Driven. The PI-5800A requires no special programming skills. the user merely calls up one of the seven menus, then uses "soft keys" to control data pattern generation.

Versatile. Output format selection of RZ (return to zero), NRZ (non-return to zero), high impedance, 50 ohms and true/complementary provide flexibility in meeting any testing need.

"On the fly" data pattern change. The user has the ability to update patterns without stopping to reprogram. As much as 99% of a channel's data output can be synchronously changed while the unit is in the RUN mode.

Second-level looping with nesting. Looping and nesting modes allow a virtually endless data stream. As many as 256 sub-patterns can be repeated within the main program to produce patterns more than 250 billion bits long.

Extended-level looping option. This permits additional multilevel sub-pattern looping. Conditional branching capability at this level adds unmatched flexibility.


Feature Highlights:
  • Dc to 50 MHz output clock rate
  • 4K bits of memory per channel, with 8K cascade expansion
  • High impedance output on half of all channels
  • Sub-patterns can be repeated up to 1024 times
  • Algorithmic pattern entry
  • Optional 500 psec increment programmable delay
  • 16 to 64 data pattern channels
  • All channels can be RZ
  • Dynamic pattern update during RUN
  • Optional three-level looping
  • IEEE-488 compatible
  • RS-232-C interface
  • Optional EEPROM program storage
  • 7" amber high-resolution CRT
  • Remote computer software control with PI-PAT


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