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Pulse Instruments has suspended shipments of our Dewar products. The information provided below is for support of our existing customers only, and we are not taking any new orders for Dewars at this time.


Pulse Instruments offers a complete line of standard dewar products and cryogenic accessories as well as cryogenic engineering services. The dewar line encompasses three basic product groups; the Model 350, Model 650 closed-cyle Dewars (15° K - 300° K), and a line of Versa-Dewar laboratory test instruments.

The Versa-Dewar and Model 350 Dewars are pour-filled while the 670 Series is closed-cycle. Various optional and support cryogenic accessories such as Temperature Monitors and Controllers and complete Vacuum Pumping Stations are available to augment all of the Pulse Instruments Dewar lines.


Model 470 Versa-Dewar
with personality card exposed
Model 470 Versa-Dewar
bottom side
The Versa-Dewar product line is a family of laboratory test Dewars containing the same basic mechanical, optical and electrical interface characteristics. With the exchange of only the cryogen subassembly, the Dewars can be converted from pour fill, to open cycle (demand flow) to closed cycle to meet your specific needs and operating temperature requirements. A unique design of pour fill cryogen reservoir allows for all Dewars to operate in most any orientation. Field serviceable personality cards within the Dewar allow the operator to easily change Device Under Test types and to determine the electrical pin-out assignments and grounding scheme for the Dewar without effecting external wiring interface. The Versa-Dewar Series is designed to interface interchangeably with Pulse Instruments' line of test heads as well as the System 4700 Automated FPA Test System.

Model 350 Dewars

The Model 350 Dewar is a low cost, side looking, pour filled laboratory test Dewar. It's compact design makes it ideal for use as a laboratory camera base for image testing. It contains the basic design techniques that are incorporated in the Versa-Dewar product line. An optional electronics box can be ordered for inclusion of command and control electronics, pre-amplification, or image processing circuits close to the Device Under Test. 

Temperature Monitors & Controllers

Pulse Instruments offers a complete line of temperature control and monitoring instruments to augment our Dewar product line. We supply models that range from the most sophisticated programmable, multi-channel instruments to a simple, cost effective, single channel temperature monitor. All are designed to be stand alone, but when purchased in conjunction with a Pulse Instruments Dewar, all interface cabling and temperature sensor compatibility are taken care of.

Ordering Information

Please contact sales@pulseinstruments.com for information about ordering Dewars, cryostats, and temperature monitors.

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