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PI-11006 Instrument Mainframe

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PI-11006 Instrument Chassis


  • SBC plus 5 Instrument Slots (6U)
  • 330 W Power Supply Supports 3.3 V or 5.1 V cPCI Cards
  • Supports Pulse Instruments or 3rd-Party Cards
  • CPU up to Dual 1 GHz PIII
  • Up to 512Mbytes EDO or ECC DRAM
  • Rack-mountable


  • Small Test Systems
  • Chassis for PI Instrument Cards  
  • Expansion of existing Pulse Instruments systems or instruments
  • PI-4001 replacement


The PI-11006 Instrument Chassis was designed to accommodate the power and noise requirements of some of Pulse Instruments analog instrument cards.  These instrument cards, such as the PI-41401, PI-41702 and others supply signal outputs that require more current from the -12 V supply than available in a standard chassis.  Therefore this chassis has a larger -12 V power supply that provides 2.5 Amps. 

Most CompactPCI chassis are typically built for applications where electrical noise is not a serious consideration.  With our test equipment electrical noise is an important consideration in the overall performance of the equipment.  This chassis has been modified to minimize the electrical noise that is injected into the instruments’ analog circuitry and therefore minimizes the effect on the output performance.

The instrument has a 6-slot cPCI backplane that is compliant with PICMG 2.1 R1.0 specification.  One slot is used for the single-board-computer with the remaining 5 slots used for instrument cards.  These cards can be of any combination provided by Pulse Instruments or other vendors of CompactPCI instrument cards.


Standard mainframes include an internal I/O card to support the included hard disk drive and optional removable storage. Windows XP will be pre-installed on the hard drive, configured for the CPU card ordered with the mainframe.

Slave mainframes do not include I/O, hard drive or operating system, and must be controlled by a standard mainframe via a bridge card set.

Please see our Mainframes page for additional information on creating multi-chassis systems.

CPU Cards

We offer several different single-board-computer cards (SBCs), with single or dual x86 processors running up to 1 GHz. SDRAM configurations are available from 128 MB to 2 GB.  As an option the unit can be supplied with Error Correcting (ECC) DRAM for improved reliability and data integrity.  

The basic SBC comes with up to 4Mbits of on board flash memory for system BIOS.  Optionally the flash memory can be upgraded to 144 Mbytes.  The processor contains internal Level 1 cache memory with 512Kbytes of Level 2 cache memory provided on-board the unit.

Processor boards also provide standard on-board peripherals such as keyboard, timers, real-time clock, two serial (16550) ports and bi-directional parallel port.  In addition it also provides two Enhanced IDE controllers, a mouse port, a floppy controller, two Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports and a 10/100 Ethernet port. 

There is one PMC slot with user defined 55 pin I/O.  Three optional on-board PMC slots are available for a total of 4 on-board PMC slots.  System power-on reset and Non Maskable Interrupt reset switches are accessible from the front panel.  LED’s are provided on the front panel for EIDE activities, Ethernet negotiation and speed status and system power status.

The SBC supports Windows XP.

Ordering Information:

Contact Pulse Instruments Sales at (310) 515-5330 or by email at sales@pulseinstruments.com

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